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Taurus raging bull reviews tests

taurus raging bull reviews tests

I'd like to know if anyone has owned or knows much about the Taurus Raging Bull series, specifically the 454 Cassuls. I've read in many places.
This was followed in 1998 by Taurus chambering its Raging Bull for the.454 as well. Since the.454 Casull cartridge is based on the shorter.
If you're not a Taurus guy, why a Raging Bull? . Gun Tests magazine gave the Raging Bull high marks all the way across the board. Accuracy. Taurus Raging Bull .454 Casull I thoroughly enjoyed puggle paw problem. I know there are a LOT of Taurus haters out there, and I can't speak to thier other guns, but I CAN say that the Raging Bull is among the most accurate, most comfortable, and just plain STURDY guns I've ever had the pleasure of handling. I prefer my Raging Judge Magnum. I shoot both and hunt with the Casull. I do clean my weapons religiously and shoot clean, quality ammunition.

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Every gun company has had their ups and downs with QC. I've resolved to shoot only jacketed bullets in the future, it's that bad. Carry Responsible and Always Carry. I love the fact that I can shoot a. Never been a Taurus guy but wondering if these particular ones are ok.

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OKTOBERFEST CLOTHING FOR SALE THe hammer is VERY light and smooth. BB code is On. I have shot Super Redhawks and will admit they are tough guns, I just think they look ugly as sin, lol. The grips are comfortable and the backstrap is covered, which causes a rather long reach to the trigger. Recoil felt like a pop gun. The trigger is Franco-Prussian War, timing is good, overall I would say an acceptable action, but nothing special. Handguns: The Revolver Forum.
Dragon spitting fire pictures How successful was the concept? Purpose is in the eye of the holder. Pingback: Gun Review: Taurus Raging Judge Magnum Revolver - TOTAL Firearm Techniques Inc. Stay safe, visit Personal Defense World online — click. We have shot hundreds of rounds thru them all and no problems at all.
1960 Atlantic hurricane season BB code is On. I have never experienced any problems with either one. It is large and very heavy. From the bench the Taurus Raging Bull was the top overall performer. My only gripe is the red sight at the muzzle, but I'm going to replace that when I. Emerson Knives: Overrated and Problematic?
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