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Chess double attack

chess double attack

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Double Attack with Mating Threats, Chess Puzzles. Train your chess -brain to spot Tactical opportunities and take advantage of them.
This week we'll take a look at the extremely important concept of Double Attack, in which one piece attacks two enemy pieces at the same time. Chess:Double attack This allows Black to perform the next double attack over the. The following puzzles should push the concept home as usual, after trying to solve a puzzle, please check out the variations and prose hidden in each freepengu.in login by clicking SOLUTION and then MOVE LIST :. This time the double attack is an attack on two pieces by two pieces. In the following example it's. The following position chess double attack a typical middle game position. The double attack is a devastating tactical weapon. Fork after fork after fork by Magnus defeats Anand. chess double attack

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While most double attacks are straightforward, some are hard to see because they target a pawn or piece that appears to be defended. Averbakh introduces a special terminology to classify tactical positions and shows how a combination builds on the same elements found in the double attack. I'm pretty sure you can figure out why! The double attack has bigger chances of causing a weakens. He is better known for his works on endgames than on middle games, but only because he has written far more about the endgame.