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Optimal strategy for a game

optimal strategy for a game

2 players play the following game with matches. Each player can take in the last match wins. Find the optimal strategy for playing this game.
Objective: In this game, which we will call the coins-in-a-line game, an even . optimal - strategy-for-a-game /.
I am having trouble understanding the reasoning behind the solution Are you sure that is java You have to recursively solve each subtask.

Optimal strategy for a game - freecell

Same reasoning apply to the other line where I play end. Detailed answers to any questions you might have. The proposed solution is:.. First of all a and b represent respectively the maximum gain if start respectively end is played. Learn more about hiring developers or posting ads with us. This has even number of elements and the first player loses? Game Theory Basics - 1 Your analysis is awesome. Therefore, by going first and depending on the coin you choose, you are essentially forcing your opponent to take either only even-numbered or odd-numbered coins. From your YouTube video, Optimal Strategy Game Pick from Ends of array Dynamic Programming I came here looking for the source optimal strategy for a game because you linked to it in the vid, and I believe you haven't actually written an example. Anonymous: Thanks for your compliments. Then you can accept the answer, and remove this question from the Unanswered Questions list. Sign up or log in.