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Ocelot (Metal Gear)

Ocelot (Metal Gear)

Revolver Ocelot is an antagonist in the Metal Gear video game series created by game designer Hideo Kojima. Introduced in the 1998 video game Metal Gear.
A big book of Video Game Imagines to fill the void in everyone's little heart:) The Games I write for are: Uncharted Series - Assassin's Creed Series - Metal Gear.
Liquid Ocelot, often referred to as simply Liquid, was Liquid Snake's doppelgänger and Solid Snake's final nemesis. Liquid's personality first took over Revolver Ocelot aboard the USS Discovery in Snake, however, survived the incident, as observed by Ocelot, after Liquid's.

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The attack also allowed him to control his allies' emotions as well as stop them in certain instances. He is also indirectly mentioned in Strangelove 's tape to Big Boss, regarding The Boss's confession to Strangelove of when she discovered that was pregnant with her child in the middle of a mission. A take on Diamond Dogs solely from the silent sniper's point of view. During the initial Tanker chapter, he betrays Col. While his plan was in motion, Liquid had enough time to use Metal Gear RAY in a duel with Old Snake piloting a now-reactivated REX.

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An IGN Entertainment Games site. Metal Gear Online Maps. I'll keep her under surveillance. Specializing in infiltrations of a different nature than Solid Snake and Big Boss, Ocelot often acted as a triple agent, to serve multiple interests in the same situation. They're all sunk up to their eyeballs in the war economy. Doing so will cause the electrocution to continue onwards after the timer has stopped, disable input from the controller, and will kill the player. Ocelot is not mentioned again until the game's ending, the point at which he finally appears in person. MGSV: Phantom Pain - Hidden Ocelot on Mother Base Easter Egg (Metal Gear Solid 5 Secrets: Part 2) Ocelot (Metal Gear)