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Nevada sports betting mutual funds

nevada sports betting mutual funds

Essentially mutual funds for sports bettors, the law makes it legal for the state's sports books to accept bets from investor groups that have been.
Invest in sports betting entities, much like a mutual fund, the name Contrarian Investments speaks to the type of investing, sportsbetting over stocks and bonds in.
A new law just passed in Nevada will allow out-of-state investors to Sports betting mutual fund Thursday, 25 Jun 2015 | 2:52 PM ET |. nevada sports betting mutual funds For years, the state of Nevada has basically cornered the market on legal sports gambling in America. They're the exchange promoting market liquidity," says Beau Noeske, president of Hi-Line Sports Investment Group, a Vegas-based fund. I asked him how CGT would deal with entities which consistently pick winners. Currently, Connelly only has a handful of investors. This year is different.
Is New Sports Betting Law a Game Changer?