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How to play face hunter

how to play face hunter

Face Hunter is probably the most aggressive deck out there with a lot of cheap minions, chargers and.
Our essential Face Hunter (Standard) guide features the best deck list These all provide new sources of power to play with, but otherwise the.
With its emphasis on face damage, Face Hunter is often characterised as a mindless and extremely simple deck to play. Its rapid victories when. How and where do I get this card? It isn't the strongest deck but it can be competitive. So my question is: Would you recommend teching in a flare or a kezan mystic? Vs Mage Most of the Mages nowadays are Mech Mages so texas holdem tournaments iowa best comeback combo you can how to play face hunter in this matchup is Juggler-Unleash: this play is your MVP. Face hunter is nowhere near those two but it's still in the list of non interactive decks same with combo druids or any deck that can pull a shit ton of damage from hand in a single turn. Everyone complaining about Face Hunter: hit Legend with it as fast as Xixo did, to prove there's no skill involved. It's not a complex strategy - and it's not even a particularly fun one to play once you've gorged yourself on it - but we can all agree that it's at least an effective approach if you've got the stomach for repetition. how to play face hunter