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Top 10 most popular android apps 2014

top 10 most popular android apps 2014

Fill up your phone or tablet with the best Android apps around – now offer something so great that it becomes one of the must-have apps that.
We've picked out our favorite new Android apps of the year. . 10. Sunrise Calendar. Sunrise has long been one of the most popular candor.
Google owns five out of the top 10 most frequently used apps, according for your smartphone, whether you own an iPhone or an Android handset. with a 31% jump in the app's number of average unique users from 2014.

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That last point is worth highlighting, as the free version doesn't allow you to store things privately, which really isn't ideal if you plan to use it to manage all your content. That's not the case with My Asics Run Coaching. But if you can get your hands on a phone with Samsung Pay, the world is your electronic payment oyster. From maps to micro-investments, we covered a lot of ground with new Android apps in October. Any list you create automatically has check boxes attached to it, and any item you tick off is automatically removed. Turns stuff on or off depending on location, manages multiple schedules for changing phone state depending on the time of day, even letting users have their phone automatically reply to text messages if it's set to a quiet state. These are the perfect way to get started with Android, and will cover the basics. PCMag has a full review of the iPhone version of My Asics Run Coaching. QuizUp has thousands of quizzes based around hundreds of topics both broad geography, history, games and niche K-pop factoids, anyone? While there are many great Google Calendar clients, sometimes nothing can beat a native app. It covers everything from to-do lists to tracking packages to storing your travel information. As well as being how to work out odds payout precise it also aims to give you down to the minute forecasts, so you'll know exactly when that threatening cloud will shower you with rain. Then, there are a variety of encoding and sharing options. top 10 most popular android apps 2014

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D.C. United U-23 Duolingo Free If you're looking to learn another language, Duolingo gamifies language learning with bite-sized lessons and a friendly interface. The app's signature magazine-style interface lets you explore the day's headlines in a gorgeous environment. Easily add favorite recipes, manage shopping lists, and find new recipes you'll love based on those you already like. You can even push all these things to your friends. The apps that are going to revolutionise functionality or, at the very least, offer something so great that it becomes one of the must-have apps that has to be downloaded whenever you get a new handset.
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Please go to Windows Updates and install the latest version. This way, you can find out whether the area you're headed to is a little bit warmer or colder, or is due for a shower. While that might still be true, the LinkedIn app aims to be a companion to LinkedIn Web service that you check every day. Click Here to find out more. Here in New York, it even tells you how many bikes are parked at local Citi Bike stands. It's a surprisingly intuitive option once you start using it, though it does have a few limitations.