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Richard Wagner

Richard Wagner

Richard Wagner, the most repugnant of musical nationalists, has become an unlikely poster child for culturally progressive Israelis.
The world of composer Richard Wagner and his great operas.
Richard Wagner, in full Wilhelm Richard Wagner (born May 22, Leipzig [ Germany]—died February 13, Venice, Italy), German.

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If a piece of music reminds audience members of the long slow march to the ovens, they have every right to walk out, and make a lot of noise doing so, especially if the presenters are perfectly aware that these feelings and memories exist. Barenboim is the musical counterpart of Leni Refensthal. His backup writings though leave no doubt as to the extent of his anarchic worldview and opera was his intended medium to propagandize the masses. I am referring to Wagner here, not to every other writer of fiction or comedy who ever created a physically unattractive character. Even Nietzsche who once worshipped him turned his back on Wagner when he was old enough to understand what he was about.

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Gobineau visits Wahnfried, where RW gets into heated arguments with him. Different aesthetic, different purpose. The German operatic composer Richard Wagner was one of the most important. His son Felix grew from child prodigy to famed composer, crowned by Schiller as the Mozart of his age. He extended the introduction, and wrote a lengthy additional final section. Richard Wagner