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by an extensive character analysis of the Maloideae, Amygdaloideae, and Maloideae -the pome-is derivable from spiraeoid or proto-amygdaloid characters.
Phylogeny of subtribe Pyrinae (formerly the Maloideae, Rosaceae). Limited resolution of a complex evolutionary history. C. S. R. C. D. R.
Translingual[edit]. Wikipedia has an article on: Maloideae. Wikipedia has an article on: Amygdaloideae ยท Wikispecies has information on: Maleae.

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Sorbomalus, Torminalis clusii, and T. Although we were able to obtain DNA from a rather old herbarium specimen. The American Journal of Botany is an internationally recognized. Hybridization and the flora of the British Isles. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Intergeneric hybridization, which is prevalent in Maloideae, occurs between genera that are far removed from one another on our most-parsimonious trees.

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Green algae and the origin of land plants. An allopolyploid origin involving distantly related plants. You can help Wikipedia by adding to it. Published by: American Society of Plant Taxonomists. National Library of Medicine. Gillenia is herbaceous, and all members of Maloideae are woody.