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Leapfrogged definition of democracy

leapfrogged definition of democracy

88 (41) future of democracy in India, 7 (22) definition of regimes, leapfrogging, accelerating development, 3 and user groups, 17 defined.
The concept of leapfrogging is used in many different domains of economics and business, and . Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy. New York: Harper.
Pro- democracy definition, government by the people; a form of government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised directly by them or  Missing: leapfrogged.

Leapfrogged definition of democracy - casino

Middle East Uprising: Facebook's Secret Role in Egypt. Egypt Revolution: the Purity Protests. But according to the best available information, the new class of Republicans are probably going to be turn out to be too conservative. Cambridge: MA: MIT Press. Democracy - Modern Definition. The world has witnessed the profound transformation of China, Vietnam, Taiwan and Singapore from impoverished developing regions into strong and internationally competitive economies. Learn more Get updates Get updates. Texas Loop 445 to find out more? In the meantime, it looks like American politics will continue to be a game of leapfrog in which the most extreme can expect to win. More from The Economist. Such a king can be regarded as a stabilizing factor. Over time, as the new technology matures, the established cities are overtaken. Form of government, where a constitution guarantees. Athens and Rome represent precursors of modern democracies. leapfrogged definition of democracy