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How to play free safety in ncaa 13

how to play free safety in ncaa 13

For him, the most important attributes are Speed, Acceleration, and Zone Coverage. Because he FS will be playing deep zone in the middle of.
For NCAA Football 13 on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs message board a screen play and you'd probably be safe running over to them before the QB then let the WR that's going toward the FS go and pick up the other one.
In general, like most flavors of defense in NCAA, zone defense works you'll use the free safety so you can get in on the majority of pass plays. You may not post new threads. After reading this article im going to start playing as safety wish me luck. However, the the FS can catch him off-guard as he jumps into that outside hook. I have a LOT to learn. It seems like even if i click the Y button right when the QB throws it I'm still late. I use the normal package in the redzone. how to play free safety in ncaa 13
NCAA Football 13: Road To Glory [Strong Safety]