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Black River Canal

 Black River Canal

Clinton argued that a Black River canal would serve two purposes. . to Boonville was built to maintain water levels in both the Black River and Erie canals and.
Length: Boonville Black River Canal Trail; 10 miles. Difficulty: Moderate. Flat hard packed dirt & grass towpath. Short section of crushed gravel.
The Black River Canal is one of the most influential aspects of Lyons Falls' history. The story of the canal began in when the construction of a canal was.  Black River Canal The Black River Canal was an engineering wonder. Table of Lock Lifts. Boonville Black River Canal Museum is located in Boonville, N ew York at the. The museum is on your right before the RR tracks. First, it would open up the sparsely populated North Country to commerce.

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Lock Near Sugar River. Drew wrote about the influence the Canal had on the Village of Lyons Falls in her book, Tales From Little Lewis. CANAL TRAIL: Last Updated:. By giving the North. Generations of children have learned to swim in the Erwin Park swimming pool.