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Best windows phone games and apps

best windows phone games and apps

But the good news is this situation is changing, and rather quickly, too, with more and more quality Windows Phone apps and games coming.
The best apps every Windows Phone user should have Travel, Music, and Games, to make it easier for you to find what you're looking for.
20 Best Windows Phone Apps. While it doesn't have market share on the scale of Android and iOS, Microsoft's Windows Phone still features. best windows phone games and apps
This is where we'll highlight and promote games for. The Stuff Hot Five. Like its predecessor, Jungle Run also available on Windows Phoneyou play as the eponymous Rayman, running and jumping and punching your way through varied, colorful levels, collecting glowing fairy critters and generally trying to stay out of harm's way. Storm of Wars - Sacred Homeland. And that's a good thing. Top 10 Best iOS, Android, Windows Phone & Kindle Fire Games 2016