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Non-verbal communication (e.g., tone of voice, gestures, facial expressions) can be important in all cultures, but would it be more important in a highcontext or.
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Search for Having Electronic Call Sounder (e.g., Tone "ringer") Patents and Patent Applications (Class Filed with the USPTO. One Thing Remains (12-2-12)

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Abstract: In order to provide unbalanced ringing when an exchange line card provides a balanced ringing output the interface provides a ringing detector in circuit with a customer pair. Receiving device, method for incoming call notification, and program. Abstract: A system and method that allows a ringer of a telephone to be silenced on demand without preventing outgoing calls to be placed. Question : B Non-verbal communication e. The method includes the first step of storing common ring-back sounds and reporting details of use of the common ring-back sounds, the second step of storing individual ring-back sounds and reporting details of use of the individual ring-back sounds, and the third step of statistically compiling the reported details of use and determining whether to maintain storage of the ring-back sounds based up the statistically complied details.

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The sensors are cheaper, and VERY fast, think Tachometer fast. Having Electronic Call Sounder e. One or more properties of the content streams, such as volume or pitch of an audio stream, or brightness and layout of a video stream, are gradually altered such that a prominence of the an individual content stream is dynamically and seamlessly changed relative to other content streams with time. Correct locations would be in the tube on the manifold of whichever cyls you wish to monitor, for whatever reason, be it last one to get fuel, or first one to get air. Abstract: Methods and systems for enhanced Colorful Ring-Back Tone eCRBT services by mixing multiple digital content streams in real time are provided, including audio, video, data, text-based message, and hypermedia object streams.