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Straight talk better than consumer cellular

straight talk better than consumer cellular

(Even though these plans have no contract for the cellular service, you do phone include Consumer Cellular, and Straight Talk ; AT&T is noted for better value at a different carrier than the one they're currently with.
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It's cheaper than Cricket's $70 unlimited plan, and we've found MetroPCS's Straight Talk will knock $1 off your monthly fee if you use auto-pay. AT&T isn't the only Big Four wireless carrier to provide prepaid options: .. Consumer Cellular uses the AT&T network for excellent coverage nation-wide. 0. Verizon and Straight Talk both offer some of the best smartphones you can buy from iPhone to the Samsung Galaxy smartphones and. I feel I will be back if this gig ends. THE LONG SUPPORT CALLS AND LIES! VZW Employees and Agents Forum. In fact, they do not care about it. straight talk better than consumer cellular