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Games to play at baby shower for men & women

games to play at baby shower for men & women

12 Genuinely Fun Baby Shower Games. Why they'll play it: It's interactive and fun—plus, it makes the men part of the fun, too! (via
Celebrate baby's arrival with games that are cheesy, ridiculous, and Have guests flex their sculpting skills by making play doh babies.
Including guys in the baby shower you're planning? Check out these ideas that some “ guy -friendly” fare. Then we played our version of the newlywed game. games to play at baby shower for men & women Babies' phone time calls for cuteness overload. During the shower, ask everyone to grab one or two letters, color in the picture and scribble a sweet note. Every pair gets a baby doll or stuffed animal and a cloth napkin. Instead of referring to the party as a baby shower, call it a celebration, including on the card. Login If you are throwing a baby shower for both men and women, it will always be a little different than the traditional baby shower which is only for women. Olympic trials, here you come!