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Play your cards close to the chest

play your cards close to the chest

play your cards close to your chest meaning, definition, what is play your cards close to your chest: to keep secret what you are doing in a s: Learn more.,Click & Get Etienne's latest Album tracks,FREE! Etienne Sin Featuring Ace, Chris.
Play it close to one's chest definition at, a free online dictionary away, as in We've no idea how many tickets they sold; they play it close to their chests. This expression, which is also put as play one's cards close to one's chest.
I think the expression is close to the vest. All lyrics are property and copyright of their actual owners and provided for educational purposes and personal use. Disclaimer I am not a fan of Google NGrams, because they can be used without regard for proper statistical practices. The page has not loaded completely and some content and functionality are corrupted. Keep your cards close to your chest, is something I have heard. Dictionary and thread title search:.