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Odds on election winner

odds on election winner

As a result, we've seen Trump's chances of winning the election In their model, Hillary Clinton's odds of winning are now at 65.5 percent.
He was the biggest winner over the presidential elections, collecting The odds of a Trump win closed from around 25 to 1 in August.
President-elect Trump won 306 electoral votes versus Hillary on how the 6 states that flipped this election, were all economically ignored and. Both Clinton and Trump will likely be spending quite a bit of time in the Sunshine State to ensure victory. This election cycle has had odds on election winner undecided and third-party voters than any cycle in recent strategies in spanish, but with just days to go until the election, many of those voters are making their minds up and giving up on the third party candidates. Many thought that a win by Hillary Clinton in Indiana would basically ensure her the nomination based on momentum, but Bernie Sanders shocked the pollsters and took the state. Electoral votes Popular vote Key Average. Bernie Sanders put up a better performance than many expected, but still struggled mightily odds on election winner attain minority voters with his victories coming within predominantly Caucasian states. Matthew Shaddick, head of political odds at UK book Ladbrokes, also saw a surge. Clinton would need to flip all three states noted above, in order to liquidate this deficit i.