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Hunger games cats

hunger games cats

It's no secret the lazy cat casting from the first Hunger Games movie PISSED US OFF. Seriously, how hard was it to cast a yellow cat? Well, all.
To prepare for “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire,” refresh your memory on the first film in the series. If you don't have time for a.
CATniss volunteers on behalf of her sister to compete in the 74th Hunger Games. Subscribe to The Pet. hunger games cats

Hunger games cats - basketball

He is mentioned and described in the book as a filthy cat which Katniss loathes. Learn more about Stack Overflow the company. Prim barely avoids getting locked out of the bunker due to this and possible death. Then a stunt cat was brought in for an adorable scene where Buttercup chases the light from Katniss' flashlight soon to be a viral video in the Capitol. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! We are working to restore service.
They've got manes that make them practically lions. Buttercup is stuffed into Katniss' hunting bag, and Prim cries when she sees. Katniss also finds her family's plant book, one of Prim's ribbons, a picture of her parents on their wedding day, and her father's hunting jacket in Katniss' house in Victors' Village. He looks at her, in hope genting casino malaysia poker Prim, and she screams furiously that Prim is dead, and that he should leave. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Katniss figures, sarcastically, that Buttercup had to live, not Lady, because Lady hunger games cats served a purpose in the household. Some people think we should have continued on with what happened in the first movie.