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Ghostbusters game review youtube

ghostbusters game review youtube

The spirit of the Ghostbusters is nowhere to be found in this generic and dull co- op shooter. Ghostbusters.
Ghostbusters Wii Video Review - Duration: IGN views · 3:24 · Ghostbusters: The Video Game.
Video review of the upcoming Ghostbusters video game for Xbox 360 and PS3.
Each of the four playable characters has a different style, from a shotgun-slinging close-combat specialist to the archetypical Big Dude With A Minigun. The final couple stages, in all fairness, begin to spa wizard virginia beach some sort of real difficulty. More From FireForge Games Next. It deflated fast, however, when the ultimate foe turned out to be really just a giant, ectoplasmic sack of hitpoints which posed ghostbusters game review youtube little danger. Read our review standards. The RPG elements are fairly shallow, so there's no hope of a second playthrough being any richer than the first by making alternate decisions. ghostbusters game review youtube