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Free platinum warframe from daily logins

free platinum warframe from daily logins

For Warframe on the Xbox One, a GameFAQs message board topic titled " login so anyone get the platinum yet for the login reward?.
Kappa. (Google what Kappa means in case you don't know).
login bonuses can be handled. Some set the daily login bonus. 1 year ago (3 children). Never heard of a free platinum login reward for PC.
Boards Warframe login rewards User Info: Lazeeey. Bullet jumping is a way to bypass lots of enemies by free shooting games to play on the computer past most enemies faster than they can respond. Discussion How would you change the login bonus? General Discussion is not a "catch-all" forum, and for the sake of keeping things tidy and organized we'd really appreciate it if you didn't treat it as such!. Even when the boss drops a part we already have, we can sell it for resources. If you're dissatisfied with a recent patch or update and want to give DE a piece of your mind, the Specific Feedback associated with your platform i. free platinum warframe from daily logins

Free platinum warframe from daily logins - contesting

I would still wanna ask from DE to lower their prices a bit. Also, someone once mentioned to me making the XP consumable - that would be OK - even at the current level. Log In to GameFAQs. Recently a lot of forum users have been posting feedback, bug and question threads about the game here in General Discussion, only to complain when community moderators or forum staff move their thread to the appropriate section..... The only reminders that you should spend money are located deep within customization menus or in the store, which is a console in your ship that you can easily ignore. Bit of a necropost there.