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Football losing fans

football losing fans

Confirmed: NFL Losing Millions Of TV Viewers Because Of National Anthem Protests . has since been copied by other players have angered many fans. do–drive down television ratings for the National Football League.
Today, we're continuing our Confessions of a Millennial Guy series with a post from an anonymous Millennial male giving us a glimpse at the.
Denver Broncos player Brandon Marshall kneeled in protest of the national anthem Thursday night, making white NFL fans livid. The linebacker.

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The NFL continues to push further into the mainstream and, in doing so, are alienating the massive base the success of the game is built upon. In past seasons those matchups were usually something to look forward to. I mainly DVR the home team and watch a condensed version, blowing through the mindless commentary and commercials. Lots of good insights above. Rules that are uninterpretable apparently done so on purpose for the sake of twisting them to achieve the desired results. THIS is what happens when you lie and railroad the best player in the league. Are there any Pop Warner games televised and if not, why not?! Ten penalties for the Jets and nine for the Cardinals. If my team is playing on network TV, I DVR it, then I can football losing fans forward the election BS. Goodell will try and whitewash what is happening but he is the reason why football is no longer the great american pastime it once. Flags, commercial breaks, and outlandish player discipline are the reasons. Cincinnati cat room game cats eye lost key public services to cuts because of the stadium renovations. This has alienated and separated the ordinary fan from the game as a start. football losing fans