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Poker hand analysis forum

poker hand analysis forum

These are mostly articles on "playing skills". Since this is the Hand Analysis forum , I left out information on bankroll management, tilt control, ect. Best poker hand.
Post hand histories from cash games and ask for analysis from other players. CardsChat Online Poker Forum.
Can you give me some links please to forums with lot of hands history analized by other players, like this one: link. I've come across several. poker hand analysis forum

Poker hand analysis forum - golden

Should I have just checked this down? Originally Posted by Jagsti. Quote: Argh, one more sticky. Tournament Poker Hand Analysis. Poker at: full tilt. Orange is the new Green. How to analyze SNG/MTT Hands with different Softwares - Ghaleon's Poker Tool Coaching part 2. News, Views, and Gossip, Sponsored by Online Poker Report. Threads in This Forum: Old Hand Analysis Section. BUT, in rr pots, things work differently. Many times, the best way to get value from these hands is to check the flop, especially if you have position. In your eyes there is only one player with poker hand analysis forum range, when that is in fact far from the case. We are very likely to see KJ here, as well as AK or KQ. M Help about the ruling i got in a very unfortunate incident playing a live tournament last Sunday.