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Odds of getting pocket aces back to back

odds of getting pocket aces back to back

the nine of clubs and seven of diamonds last hand”), or back-to-back pocket aces . Let's examine We then divide this by the total number of sequences to get the probability there are no successive identical hands among the n hands. Sub- them would be back-to-back pocket aces because there are 6 ways to deals aces.
Best Answer: Well there's 2 different scenarios here. First what are the odds, starting now, that you'll get pocket aces twice in a row. So that's.
Do you have AA back to back and hit em both times, or just hit it when I think the odds against getting pocket aces and flopping at least a set. Don't get married to your pocket Aces with Daniel Negreanu odds of getting pocket aces back to back Two Plus Two Pokercast. You may not edit your posts. Find Threads Started by revlac. However it is easy to show the expected number of players who will beat you. For each of these there are four suits to choose. Find More Posts by CasperGraver. NFL Draft: Which WR Is The First Selected?