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Luminous arc review

luminous arc review

In Luminous Arc, a boy by the name of Alph and his friends will begin their journey to fulfill their mission. Alph and his allies will be doing an awful lot of fighting.
Altus bring us yet another slice of Japanese RPG gaming - but can Luminous Arc present a solid challenge to the best the genre has to offer?.
Metacritic Game Reviews, Luminous Arc for DS, One thousand years ago, Well, I will start off with the good so that people reading this review.
luminous arc review

Luminous arc review - for mac

When our story opens, there is a change at the top of the religious hierarchy. When the young squire Roland gains magnificent powers due to a chance encounter, Sophia, the Queen of Carnava, calls upon him to bring about an end to the discord. While the game has fundamental problems in its stylus control, it is an enjoyable strategy-based RPG that includes a compelling plot, fun flash drive system, and absolutely remarkable audio. While the music itself isn't bad, there are only a few tracks that are repeated through dozens of battles, and they can get a bit old by the later portions of the game, especially if the player fought a lot of random battles in order to gain some extra spending cash or have more conversations with party members. One thousand years ago, dragons and Witches warred against God for the fate of the world. This game could have and should been an ideal way to illustrate how games that require mouse like movements to quickly and consistently be executed. Luminous Arc Opening