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Hard rock slow songs

hard rock slow songs

Here is a list of the best slow rock songs, or rock ballads, of all time.
most soft. slow songs depresse the crap out of matter what There are bands that have released songs that could be called " hard rock ".
14 all-time favorite love songs that were composed by hard rock bands. I invite you to dedicate to your loved one any of the songs listed below.

Hard rock slow songs - software free

We have our differences, but we love eachother the same. Its heart breaking and soulful and brings me to tears every time I hear it I love it. Love all my brothers in arms and will help you's anyway I can. Most of five finger death punch's songs are very violent but this one is one of there slow and touching songs. Welcome, please create an account. How good is this article? However, unlike any other hard rock love song in memory, it is filled with the salty language that is often times used in real life. EDIT: Would "Here I go Again" by Whitesnake fit the bill? How do you feel about it. Perhaps their lack of burning desire for material possessions is what fuels their down-to-earth lyrics and timeless rock and roll sound. By clicking Nextyou agree to the Terms and Conditions. All of Sevendust's acoustic songs are amazing. Hurt - Nine Inch Nails. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.
Bon Jovi - Always hard rock slow songs