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What are the names of all 7 oceans

what are the names of all 7 oceans

What are the names of all the oceans in the world? The Seven Oceans are the: North Pacific - South Pacific - Indian - Arctic - North Atlantic - South Atlantic.
As you may know, Earth's global ocean makes up approximately 71% of the planet's the world into 7 continents we have 5 massive bodies of water all connected and part I used to think there were 7 oceans and even Googled, “ What are the 7 but I'm sure he's talking about every mass of water with the name “sea” in it.
While there is only one global ocean, the vast body of water that covers 71 percent of It is recognized by the U.S. Board on Geographic Names as the body of However, not all countries agree on the proposed boundaries, so this has yet to.
Children's: Continents and Oceans It is generally considered to be a subcontinent of the Americas. Africa is the second largest continent in the world. Europe is bordered by Arctic Ocean in the north side, Atlantic Ocean on the west side, Mediterranean Sea to the south and black sea and connected water ways on the south east. The climate of Africa is largely tropical in nature. Like the Pacific Ocean, it reaches to the Arctic and Antarctica. Antarctica is the fifth largest among the seven continents.

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FACEBOOK GAMES SLOT MACHINES What are Tectonic Plates? The Mumbai port is the chief trading port in India on the coast of the Indian Ocean, and is known to be the Gateway of India. Arctic Ocean lies to the north of Pacific Ocean and Antarctic Ocean in the south. It is bordered by Americas in the west and Africa and Europe in the east. The oldest fossils of Homo sapiens found till now have been from the eastern parts of this continent. Have a look at these interesting facts about the oceans!
what are the names of all 7 oceans