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Gameshark codes unblocked

gameshark codes unblocked

(This cheat only work with Pokemon Ruby Version) Master Code Inf. RARE CANDy Inf.
All gameshark cheat codes for pokemon gold, silver and crystal that I've been able to collect from everywhere.
Infinite Safari Zone balls Infinite First Item Infinite First Spell Infinite Fourth Item Infinite fourth Spell.
I have the infinte money cheat but you will have do the process before using the cheat. GBA Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow GC. Max Casino Coins In Coin Case. Soothe Bell in PC. The first and last pair will probably gameshark codes unblocked. Turns the platforms by the puzzles back on so you can redo . Pokemon FireRed Gameshark Codes Walk Through Walls & Capture Mewtwo gameshark codes unblocked