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Games to play with your 5 month old

games to play with your 5 month old

Social games like peekaboo usually become very popular now and often elicit Sit your baby in front of a mirror and show him how to play peekaboo with his.
Once your baby is 4 to 5 months old, she'll be fascinated as you pop up from behind your hands. By 6 to 8 months, she'll be playing along, hiding and then.
Looking for fun games to play with your five- month - old baby? Stimulate your baby's natural curiosity with our simple baby games, which may help her.

Games to play with your 5 month old - contesting

Even if your baby hates tummy time, it's essential to help your baby build muscles. You might also like. Sometimes even the most creative moms need an idea. Moving from a cot to a bed. When your arms get tired, put your baby down and keep up the dance. I don't are if my son can do it or not, I just love him the way he is and how he is growing in his own time. At this age, your baby will become a lot more social and interactive as well as more physically active, so play will become more important than. Go ahead and let your baby explore things with his mouth as odd as it may seem to you and buy him toys designed for gnawing these will also be very soothing as your baby starts teething. And why does he wake so early? Video: how to handle night waking. Establishing good sleep habits can stop baby sleep problems before they start. Games to Play With Baby games to play with your 5 month old